For you, my dear

My friend, you make my days bearable.

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When life is tough, we need a friend. When things go wrong, we ask our friend for help. Often times we lack appreciation. To my friend who saw me fight battles, who never left my side, thank you.

Every now and then, I approach my friend for help. She has my back all the time. One text, one call, one chat, she is there. Life tripped me a lot of times, but she was there for me. When I felt  myself giving up, she helped me get back up. Friendship isn’t about the person you’ve known the longest, but someone who’s going to be there when you feel like you’re about to give up, someone who’s got your back all the time.

My dark days are over. You’ve helped me get through everything. My friend, when you don’t feel appreciated, please remember that you are. You made me stronger. You reminded me that life will not be always be perfect.

Friendship is the best gift. Without a friend like you, my life would be different. You  make my days colorful. You are filled with joy. Keep it. 

To my forever friend, I am thankful that you are here for me. Thank you for making my bad days better. Thank you for existing. I appreciate you.

My dear, you are the best! ♡ 


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