In Time, My Love Grows

This is a feeling we can’t explain- a feeling that grows. It is like the flowers in the garden that we water every single day. 

This morning I felt it. This is the feeling they are talking about. It’s pain and pleasure.  I’ve watched myself feel everything at the same time. Maybe this is what it is supposed to be. Sometimes it’s draining, it even consumes you. But suddenly it becomes everything. Your happiness, your strength and your rock. This is when love grows.

Love grows when you allow it to grow with you. Love is everything. Your love for yourself, your family, your friends, your pet, your cup of coffee every morning, your significant other and the list goes on. But most of the time we associate love with being in a relationship.

We go through phases. We experienced crushing over someone and watching them from afar, admiring how gorgeous they are. Then here comes the worst part, having your first heartbreak. Some of us may be scared of having their hearts broken. But this is the time when you’ll realize how much you can love someone despite the distance, this is the time when you’ll see how much your love grows for that person.

 When you love someone, you just know. No explanations. You just feel it. You let it grow despite the pain. 

Sometimes, we need to be broken for a while to know how much we love someone. Distance and time just makes you love someone more. Thus the saying “Absence makes the heart grow fonder.”  Just like farmers who plant their crops and wait for them to grow. Love is a work of art. You make it grow, you let it grow. This is your choice after all.

When love grows, you realize how much work love is. This is not just loving someone, it is loving someone despite their imperfections and accepting who they really are.  

It’s one person’s choice if they will let love grow. To me, love is worth fighting for, worth risking and worth a chance. Loving someone will let you understand how other people’s mind works and you will love them despite your differences. Love is growing every time. After learning about one another, it is your choice if you will let it bloom. May I just say, it is all worth it.

Because love grows everyday when you allow it to grow with you.


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