We Love Local

This is not the end. 

This may be my final blog about loving and appreciating local. But for sure I’ve learned so much about what I’ve wrote. 

It’s not about what you say. It’s about what you do to promote local literature. 

We are the new generation. What we do now will definitely have an effect to the future generations. Just like what we are learning in our literature class, it’s a product of the older generations. 

No matter how far you’ll go, this place will remain in your heart. Local will always have a place deep in your heart. It won’t be replaced. 

This is a final post about local literature. I hope we continue to love local — to love what’s really ours, to make it known globally. 

Dagupan City, you are home. You are rich. I’m a proud DagupeƱo!

We love local. We embrace local. We promote local. 




You Start It

Everyday we struggle to find a reason to love local. We choose international. I’m sure that your favorite band, singer and movie are all international. 

I personally prefer international. But lately I found a reason to love local. To embrace what’s really ours. Because if we locals refuse to love what we have, then how will other people appreciate the culture that we have? 

Dagupan City is my hometown. Our mother tongue is Pangasinan. I don’t know how to speak the language and I only understand a little. 

I speak about loving local and appreciating it. I should start from myself. Looking outside my house and appreciating what I see is one step closer. 


Not Lost, but Found

Before we didn’t recognize the beauty of our own city. We love other places more than ours. We hated local.  

I am thankful because now we recognize the places that we once ignored. The hidden places have been discovered and they are loved by locals. Improving the place makes our city known. People will see how unique our place is. 

Social media helps spread the word. If there’s a new beach or falls that have been found, people start to chat about how breathtaking the place is. 

We should explore and love our own. It doesn’t mean that when it’s local, it has less beauty.

Explore your own city, find new places and appreciate what you have.

Love local. 


Mangatarem – Mother’s Root

I grew up close to my great grandparents. Not everyone met their great grandparents. I am lucky that I have. 

They live in Mangatarem, Pangasinan. Their house was one of my favorites. The lot was big, but their house was medium sized. I enjoy travelling there.

You’ll see people living the simple life. Farming was their source of income. My favorite is my Lola’s fresh mangoes! When it’s time to harvest, we wait and wait and wait for the mangoes to arive here in Dagupan. 

Local places like Mangatarem are hidden gems. Before the place was dead silent, but now Jollibee, Magic, and others are already there.

If you just take time and appreciate local, you’ll see. 


A. Asiatic Radio

The oldest electronic shop alive. It is the first in our city.

It started in 1958. Our grandfather has the passion for electronic stuff. He decided to start his own business.

Our grandfather started our family business. Now it is owned by his children. The business grew. My father and his siblings decided to put up their own businesses, but with different names. 

The first store was located near our store – A. Asiatic Radio. They transferred because they bought this place. We are still going strong and innovating. 

Old costumers look for my grandfather every time they visit. “Nasaan na yung matanda dito dati? Sakanila kami bumibili.” Their jaw drops whenever my father tells them that he’s at home. They expected a different answer. 

I would like to share some more, but it would make this post longer. 


Take A Ride

Oh jeepneys…

I don’t commute to school everyday. So that means I never get to ride the jeep and experience it everyday. I walk to school every morning. I see a lot of them. It makes me wonder.

A lot of my classmates commute. Sometimes they tell us how annoying the jeepney driver is. Others put the blame on their jeepney ride because the driver was too slow. “Yung jeep kasi na nasakyan ko tigil ng tigil.”

We are lucky that commuting in our city is convenient. Other places struggle to go to their schools.

I am thankful that our city has this kind of transportation. Imagine if we don’t have jeepneys. 


Why I love Sundays

I love Sundays. 

My family goes out every Sunday. We get to catch up and tell random stories about how our week went. 

I love this day because we do nothing but eat. There are many restaurants in our city. This is one of the many reasons why I’ll always choose this place. 

Panaderia Antonio’s pizza is my favorite Sunday snack. 

When you roam around and appreciate what you have, you’ll discover so much more. More than what you already know. 

Love local. Appreciate. 


I Am Home

Where I was born
I will never forget.
Where I grew up
is the place I belong.

Dagupan, you are the one.
People, places and events
that I love
belongs to you.

You are my home.
I will forever come back to you.
A place like you
is worth coming back for.


Flashback – My Father

My father loves to ride his motorcycle. He finds it relaxing. 

My brother and I used to stay in our grandparents’ house in Lucao every Saturday. We will play with our neighbors and be back at our Lola’s place before our father arrives to fetch us. 

There was this day when he brought us to look at the construction of the De Venecia Extension. My brother and I took turns to ride on our Papa’s motorcycle to see the place. 

Looking at the place now and how it looked before is different. 

When the place was good to go, people started go there and check. Days passed, they started to love the place. You will see people jogging and walking everyday. 

Now, there’s a coffee shop already. The place is very relaxing. Simply passing by that road gives me this comfort. Maybe because of my father. 


Never The Same

I was born to be here. 

Walking to school everyday makes me see the difference of Dagupan now to the Dagupan I once knew. I’ve been here since I was born. I’ve been in the same place for 18 years. 

Life was simplier before. I’m not complaining. I love busy streets. 

The number of business establishments grew over time. They doubled, tripled and now I lost count. Before, I could count the stores near ours. I even memorized all their names. But now, I can’t seem to remember. The thing is the city is growing. 

This place won’t be the same without these stores near my house.

I love how simple it is to live in a place like this. Simple life will never be replaced. This is the place I will forever choose. 

We will see our city grow bigger. Dagupan will never be the same. 



I wait for the stoplight to turn green so I could finally cross the street.

I encounter different people everyday. It makes me wonder what else do they have in mind? Do they even care about our city? Or they are just waiting for the light to turn green?  

When the stoplight was newly installed, I just wait. No thoughts, I just standing there blank. I learned that when you observe, you see differences. 

A city is rich because of its people. A city is made up of literature because of people. These people that I encounter everyday might have contributed to our local literature. 

We can never tell. 


Oh, My Home

I was born in this city.

Eighteen years of existing in this world, I’ve found places I will never forget. One of them is my hometown — Dagupan City.

Our city is known for Bangus, but this city has so much to offer. Different cultures are welcomed. We embrace uniqueness. 

I grew up in Downtown. When I was 8, signages were just tarpaulins made with plain colors. But looking at business establishments now, wow! They improved togther with the city. I’m in love with my city. No one can tell me otherwise. 

If given a chance to leave Dagupan, I wouldn’t. I’ve found my home. This is home.